The Story Beef

Why do people say our beef is so good? We believe it’s because we can specify the breed, the feed, the husbandry, the age and condition at slaughter, the hanging and the butchery across our supply chain, as it's produced by ourselves and our neighbours. 

Luke farms his beef at his home – Herons Green Farm in the Chew Valley – where traditional native breeds of North and South Devon cattle are grass fed on lush organic pasture. The South Devon is the largest of the native British cattle breeds, well known for its maternal and beef qualities.

As the farm is in the higher level stewardship scheme the cattle are housed from 31 October until the spring, with calves being weaned at nine to ten months old. In Winter we house them on straw and feed them a home grown silage, hay and barley straw mix. We’re happy to finish them at 28-30+ months old and since moving to a 100% pasture based diet it is certainly proving longer finishing periods. In the fattening period over the last eight or nine months we feed them a mix of red clover / peas, barley and vetch, a forage mixed species silage harvested before the grain stage. 

We think these variables affect the flavour and the key to our product is the consistency of the whole process. The beef that is produced is marbled and tender and sought after by butchers and restaurants who recognise the premium quality of the meat.

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Story Beef - South Devon cattle grass fed on organic land