Our Poultry Suppliers

The Story free-range chickens. 

These are a traditional breed that range well and are particularly suited to outdoor production. 

They love to be outdoors even in the rain, exercising and eating lush clover rich grass. Day old chicks are initially reared in temperature controlled brooder units until 28 days old where they are moved to free range units.

Castlemead Poultry

This free-range poultry farm is run by Stuart Perkins and family and they’re based just down the road near Radstock, Bath. 

Their birds are free to explore from morning to evening, when they retire to their houses for overnight protection from wildlife. They have fresh bedding and constant access to water and food, to ensure the best welfare standards are always maintained. 

The chickens grow at their own pace which ensure their meat is succulent, firm and rich in flavour. 

Wood Green Farm

Our organic chicken is produced by the Labdon family from Cullompton. Their birds are free to range on organic pasture during the day and are housed in small colonies at night. 

They’re given only organic feed which is GM & pesticide free and are not treated with routine antibiotics. This high level of animal welfare ensures the birds can develop their muscles properly, so the meat they produce is succulent and full of flavour. 

So what’s the difference between Organic & Free Range?

The main difference is that organic poultry must always be fed organic grain and their stocking density is lower. The grain is therefore more expensive but is always 100% free of GM foods.

Free range poultry can be subjected to GM soya or grain foods, but generally there is no welfare difference. Our free range birds, are fed a low density GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.