Free-range whole chickens from Somerset. Perfect for a Sunday Lunch & great for left overs.

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Our organic chickens are reared outdoors on organic meadows in Somerset from 3-4 weeks of age.

Roaming freely by day, they bed down in mobile chicken houses at night which are moved daily onto fresh grass. This ensures that a large proportion of their diet is made from grass, clovers, herbs and any bugs they can find! This assists in regenerating the countryside whilst creating a wonderful depth of flavour.

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Serves Suggestion: A small chicken serves 2-3, a large chicken serves 3-4.

Storage Information

Keep refrigerated.
If freezing, please do so on the day you receive this product.

Shelf Life

Maximum 3 days

Please note that vac-packed chicken can sometimes have a strong smell and be darker in colour. Don’t worry, just remove the plastic & let the meat rest for 10-15 minutes. The odour should disappear and the colour will return to normal.

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