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Spring has sprung in the Chew Valley.

With the grass starting to grow thank goodness, it’s time to plan out the grazing season. It feels like the latest we have ever let cows out but the sight of letting them loose and seeing them all run wild, kicking their back legs up with such joyous enthusiasm never fails to bring a little joy to your own heart.

This week we celebrate Earth Day and we’re bringing you stories of hope, connection, resilience and regeneration, just as Mother Nature would want it.
As stewards of our grasslands, we know how critical these landscapes are for maintaining a healthy planet. The most important principle when managing land is to ensure that there are abundant plant leaves to capture sunlight and photosynthesise and to also try and ensure all the water that falls on or runs across the land is absorbed.

I have just completed a 12 day holistic management course exploring regenerative agriculture, food production, holistic grazing and learning how through our stories we can help build change as we move towards a brighter future for our farms, our livestock and the nutrient dense food that we are producing.

The natural world is comprised of beautifully- and infinitely-complex adaptive living systems, land, animals, people, plants, fungi, and more all interconnected and in relationship––and the way we manage decisions amidst complex living systems matters. All together, Holistic Management equips us to understand the “whole” we are managing (not controlling) and make decisions that bring forth abundant outcomes, regenerating life for all involved.

If you are interested in protecting and regenerating our planet, saving our soil and grasslands, you will hopefully find some of our stories deeply inspiring, we will explain more about regenerative farming in the coming months and we will touch on these ideas at our newly formed event Fire in your Soul. Please do join us on 13th May at our beautiful lakeside venue, we cant wait to welcome you.


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