13Sep, 22

Of Monibot and Myth

I am trying to make some sense of a new book by Geore Monbiot’s, Regenesis and  this link  which is an article on pasture raised beef being the most damaging of farm products.   As I write this I would hate for my forefathers to think i am belittling their way of farming because i am not, they were great farmers following a system that was rewarding them for growing as much as they could and supporting the nation. I like to think we farm for the future, I have 3 children and spend a lot of my time thinking about ways to reduce global warming and improve their future. I believe the way in which we …

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10Aug, 22

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change. We believe in farming organically and regeneratively – by working in harmony with nature to look after the soil and the pastures, which in turn is reflected in the welfare of our animals and the taste of our produce. ​ Our cattle spend most of the year grazing in the fields, only spending the worst winter months inside where they are fed solely on home grown hay and silage. They are given the freedom to express their normal behaviours and often live in family groups. Their natur …

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