28Aug, 23

A new partnership!

We have some exciting news – we are now partnered with Puxton Farm Shop and Butchers ! This strategic alliance brings together the creativity and expertise of The Story Group with the quality and tradition of Puxton Park Butchers. This partnership means Puxton Park will now be providing their customers with premium meat sourced and reared in the most sustainable way possible. We’re very excited for this new partnership! Keep an eye out for news and offers from Puxton Park! …

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15Jul, 23

July update from Luke: Pigs, wonderful pigs!

This month I want to talk about pigs, wonderful creatures that give so much, twice a year farrowing up to 15 piglets each time, natural selection does seem to give us an average of 10 piglets per litter but these sows are amazing and with deepest respect i   really enjoying looking after our pigs.   We have gone for rare breed pigs, we have Gloucester Old Spots / Large Blacks / Tamworth and Saddlebacks, 8 sows in total.   Those of you who have been with us for a while probably know that raising pigs off of our own fermented feed produced almost entirely on the farm has been something we’ve …

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08Jun, 23

May recap from Luke

This time of year is great, all the panic about no grass for the livestock and too much rain seems a distant memory.  The sun is shining, I am sitting at home in a a field amongst the long grass and I am full of love and hope. I certainly have moments when it feels like we are fighting a hopeless battle with my journey with food and farming and it’s events like Fire in your Soul, which give strength for these moments. Since then I have not met this many old and new friends all doing the very best they can to avoid the looming climate collapse. There is too many people to thank for a very sp …

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20Apr, 23

April update from Luke

Spring has sprung in the Chew Valley. With the grass starting to grow thank goodness, it’s time to plan out the grazing season. It feels like the latest we have ever let cows out but the sight of letting them loose and seeing them all run wild, kicking their back legs up with such joyous enthusiasm never fails to bring a little joy to your own heart. This week we celebrate Earth Day and we’re bringing you stories of hope, connection, resilience and regeneration, just as Mother Nature would want it. As stewards of our grasslands, we know how critical these landscapes are for maintaining a he …

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05Jan, 23

Support Regenuary

Regenuary is a movement to change the over-simplistic story which stems from Veganuary saying that ‘all animal agriculture always has a greater negative impact than any plant-based agriculture’, as this is far from true. Instead, we want the focus to be adjusted to the importance of Regenerative Farming, or Regenerative Agriculture. Regenerative Agriculture is a type of farming that has a positive effect on the land. It’s an incredible way to restore biodiversity, stabilise the climate & produce healthy food. But what does it involve? Regenerative Agriculture is quite simple: it …

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06Dec, 22

World Soil Day

Yesterday was World Soil Day,  #WorldSoilDay,  a day dedicated to focusing attention on the importance of healthy soil and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources.  We are going to take this a step further and extend this for a whole year,  #YearofSoil.  We are going to become advocates of soil, premiere films, butchery demonstrations across the city and talks and debates about food and farming.  This year’s focus “Soils: Where food begins” aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being by addressing the growing chal …

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13Sep, 22

Of Monibot and Myth

I am trying to make some sense of a new book by Geore Monbiot’s, Regenesis and  this link  which is an article on pasture raised beef being the most damaging of farm products.   As I write this I would hate for my forefathers to think i am belittling their way of farming because i am not, they were great farmers following a system that was rewarding them for growing as much as they could and supporting the nation. I like to think we farm for the future, I have 3 children and spend a lot of my time thinking about ways to reduce global warming and improve their future. I believe the way in which we …

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10Aug, 22

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming describes farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change. We believe in farming organically and regeneratively – by working in harmony with nature to look after the soil and the pastures, which in turn is reflected in the welfare of our animals and the taste of our produce. ​ Our cattle spend most of the year grazing in the fields, only spending the worst winter months inside where they are fed solely on home grown hay and silage. They are given the freedom to express their normal behaviours and often live in family groups. Their natur …

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