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When people buy their meat by the quarter, half, or whole, there’s a sort of grey area as to how much meat will end up in the freezer. It’s not the same as going to the butcher in the back of the grocery store and choosing a kg of stewing, with a sticker pricing out the cost per pound, weight, and total cost. It may leave some folks wondering so we are offering information that should clarify this process.
BULK MEAT PURCHASES – Our customers pay for their meat based on the hanging weight. The hanging weight is only about 60-62% of the live weight. Hanging weight is the animal, minus some critical parts: head, hooves, skin, and non-usable (cookable) organs. The butchered cuts meat is only about two-thirds or 66% of the hanging weight, since you lose scraps. fat and bones.
EX: Live weight is 500kg so the hanging weight is 60% average so 300 kg. The cuts and beef will be 66% of the hanging weight so you come home with about 400 lbs of vacuum packed cuts and beef. Which is still a lot of beef for you & your family to go through. That is why you might consider coop buying with friends &/or family.
The breakdown is approximately:
20% steaks
30% roasts
50% mince beef / stewing beef
Filet Steak, Ribeye Steak, Sirloin Steak, Rump Steak, Skirt Steak
Chuck Roast, Rump Roast, Topside Silverside
Beef Ribs
Mince Beef
Stew Meat
Soup Bones
We are a local farming family that has been in Chew Valley since 1657. We are Organic, Pasture for Life, Regenerative Farmers. We use no artificial inputs. All beef and lamb are fed a healthy diet of grass. All chicken and pork are pasture raised but also fed a locally mixed grain ration. We sell quarters, halves or whole cuts of beef.
Cattle prices fluctuate daily because the prices are set by the STOCK market. That is why cattle, pigs, sheep, etc. are called LIVE STOCK. Therefore our prices will change and with the current market prices they have no place to go but UP, BUT once you pay your deposit for a beef with us then you are locked in even if prices go SKY HIGH.
Selling our beef in bulk allows us to give our customers the best price possible for high quality meat.  As a farmer, whichever of the options you choose, you’re fighting back against the huge, consolidated system of industrial meat production. As a consumer, whenever you buy meat from our farm and butchers, you’re supporting the efforts for raising livestock, regenerating the soil, and helping to bring down the prices we have to charge you. The satisfaction that the consumer gets by knowing the origin of the meat that they are buying to feed their family SHOULD BE WORTH IT.

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  1. 22 August 2022 at 11:01 pm
    Linda Rumble

    Your beef steaks are always tasty and tender.
    Thank You so much for all your hard work on the farm and thoughtfulness in your excellent animal husbandry practices – it means a lot to know that you treat your animals well in life and ensure their death is as pain-free as possible… and we can taste the difference in comparison to that watery supermarket meat that is often tasteless and tough as old boots.
    This new website you have built is very professional and we are so pleased we can order from you directly now with ease.
    Thank You all so much.

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