01Sep, 22

Four Reasons You Should Always Choose Pasture For Life Beef

When I first started The Story in 2006, I had no idea it would take this long for people to realise that mass produced big Ag that harms the world, destroys the land, preventing future generations from growing nutritious crops would still be the mainstay of products on the shelves and a reason behind the current pandemic. People often ask whether it really makes that big of a difference – the answer is that it really does! There are scientific reasons for it that we understand, and there are ecosystem reasons because when animals are raised in the right environment, they actually build new soil …

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20Aug, 22

Grass Fed Benefits

Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy a juicy steak while simultaneously supporting a food revolution? Antibiotics and hormone free: better for them and better for us. Grass-fed meat is leaner and has the optimum level of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids helping combat higher blood pressure and increases brain function. It has a 60% + increase in Omega 3 compared to grain fed. Eating grass fed free-range meat is an excellent source of Vitamin A (10x more than grain-fed) higher in Vitamin E (3x more than grain-fed beef). Grass-fed meat contains higher levels of CLA “conjugated linoleic acid”, a good typ …

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09Aug, 22

Pasture For Life Meat – My Quest – Luke Hasell

It seems a long time ago now since we changed all of our farming practices towards an organic future. The farm has changed, the life on it has improved dramatically, there is more wildlife, happier livestock and healthier soil.     With so much discussion around greenhouse gases and climate change I think ruminant farmers do have a responsibility to ensure that their practices do not cause further harm to the environment, I at least want to make sure my operation is truly beneficial and that is why we are producing Pasture For Life meat and joined the PFLA. (Pasture For LIfe Association), am or …

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03Aug, 22

“Cow Pooling”

When people buy their meat by the quarter, half, or whole, there’s a sort of grey area as to how much meat will end up in the freezer. It’s not the same as going to the butcher in the back of the grocery store and choosing a kg of stewing, with a sticker pricing out the cost per pound, weight, and total cost. It may leave some folks wondering so we are offering information that should clarify this process. BULK MEAT PURCHASES – Our customers pay for their meat based on the hanging weight. The hanging weight is only about 60-62% of the live weight. Hanging weight is the animal, minus some …

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