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Hello all,

Today is Earth Day.

Every day since I started learning about REGENERATION, I have poured myself into this cause. The cause is real. As farmers we offer you a solution to the climate crisis on a  platter. Our solution is efficient, intelligently designed and absolutely realistic.

We regenerate soil, soil that is used to grow our food, clothing and interiors.

Regenerating Earth’s soils is one of the most important actions we can take in the face of the polycrisis we are facing as humanity; our future is in jeopardy and we are precariously balancing between a future of complete destruction of our planet and a shift in the way we humans live and work in order to save the other species that inhabit this planet with us.

This work is not easy. It would help so much if you could find time to think about the choices that you are able to make. Your money could go to great use supporting farmers globally to farm without chemicals; and instead work with nature to build back biodiversity.

It’s the quickest way to bring our Earth back into harmony.

This Earth Day, I would deeply appreciate your support in the work that I am doing.

If you can, would you please consider donating to The Community Farm  CIC and become a member or simply become a veg or meat box customer at www.meatboxshop.com or www.thecommunityfarm.co.uk.

You can learn more about us in the websites above and please donate at www.thecommunityfarm.co.uk.

With The Earth in Mind,




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