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I write this on Father’s Day as i reflect on life and the last 15 years of having children, it makes you realise how important family and friends are to ones happiness and wellbeing.  It has been a journey of discovery over the years and such a fulfilling experience, I know I am far from a perfect parent, but I have a core understanding of how my state will directly influence my children. As a family we have our routine, our daily meal around the kitchen table, sharing and talking about the things that have made the day special.

On a personal note I have become more and more fascinated with the links to ones health and well being through various practices that are not new to the world but new to me if you like and obviously not something the children are used to as I sit there in meditation and various breath work techniques.

Over the last 2 decades we have been working hard on the farm to nurture crops, protect them from pests and disease and build soil health and having done that I can see directly how the health of the soil is intrinsically linked to the health of the food and health of us humans as we strive to live longer and healthier.

We have just launched the 2nd year of our event called Fire in your Soul where we hope to ignite many more incredible conversations about our personal connection to our food system and what challenges and hopes for the future of sustainable food and farms holds. There will also be a well being area for people to enjoy and learn and take part in immersive workshops. Get your tickets here.

Tomorrow this week I stupidly said yes to a Wing Walk in support to our legend Farmer Mike “The Monk”, we are raising money for charity Aerobility and Teenage Cancer Trust. If you are able to support us then please click here.

I recently went to an event in the Valley – the Dung Beetle Conference 2024. Who would have thought the mighty beetle would be so integral to bringing together farmers, vets, soil experts, entomologists and researchers and even I made the radio edit!  An excellent event and great to see the amazing work going on not only under the ground but also towards shaping the future policy and regulations.

Farming Today – 17/06/24 Salad sales down, farming in the party manifestos, dung beetle conference – BBC Sounds

Deal of the Week :- 

For all you lovely people that support us at The Story Farms we would like to reward you with a Father’s Day inspired special with 15% off our whole shop for the next week hoping that this will be a source of inspiration for you to share and take time to discuss with your family the value of regenerative meat and why the future of farming is vital to the health of the planet.

Use code FATHER at checkout to enjoy this special one-time discount!

Quote of the Month :- 

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne W. Dyer

Here’s to celebrating the incredible impact of fathers and embracing the journey of self-care and growth.

Warmest wishes,


PS:- Remember to cherish those moments of joy and strength in kindness, just as my father taught me.


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