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Another month of biblical rainfall demonstrates the significance of soil health in the face of this exceptional period of time. This year with my ambition to become a better advocate for regenerative farming I will be focusing on evidencing the efficacy of interventions that deliver on improved soil health and compaction.

I have been working hard and joining my children on their journey of learning as I took myself back to school to take part in a Soil Advocate Training course, I have found it fascinating and an extremely comprehensive introduction to regeneration. I hope that what I have learnt can come through to help equip people with in-depth knowledge about the key solutions to soil regeneration and how to use these concepts to create impact and inspire hope in our communities.

The facts are that solar/planetary cycles, greenhouse gases, and forest/vegetation cover have roles in climate forcing and contribute to the changing climate. While we cannot change the solar/planetary cycles, we can change the level of greenhouse gases and regenerate ecosystems to cool the planet and restore the hydrology and climate.

We have enough evidence based on current best practices that scaling up a percentage of best practice regenerative agriculture systems can remove more than the current emissions of CO2 to reduce the levels in the atmosphere and oceans. The scaling up of these systems by regenerating a high biodiversity of plants and animals in agro-ecosystems will cool the planet.

The British version of Kiss the Ground, Six Inches of Soil, was shown across the country and it was great to see it along with a Q&A session. The film does a great job at connecting the audience with soil, farming and nature, it is about building communities, relationships between suppliers and customers –  most of us don’t have that relationship when buying food or other goods. The powers to be in the country do not understand that good food and farming must be baked into a society, and that both require long-term planning.

Spend time growing and cooking and you will know what good food is (and it isn’t produced by additives and processed methods even though 54% of food sold in the UK is exactly this).

So to close out February, and welcome March, why not get your meaty dose of top quality meat and vegetables from the farm.  The Community Farm has an amazing Veg Shed open on Saturdays, just in time for your Sunday lunches, we could easily drop that favourite joint of meat to you or the Veg Shed. From today until the end of Monday we are offering a 10% discount code on everything on the Meatbox Shop website! Simply use code MARCHMEAT.


Quote of the month:

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Each day brings new possibilities for exploration and discovery.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

As we are planning Valley Fest the most exciting area for me is our REGENERATION area. Check out the short tube clip below.

Everyone has the ability to participate in regeneration, to protect the people, places, and moments we love.

“I Kiss The Ground” is an invitation for all individuals to make the regenerative movement their own. As we take on this mission together, we’ll be sharing countless ways for you to Kiss the Ground in your unique way – whether you live on a farm or in a city.

I want to share this video so we can make a lasting impact through sharing this far and wide.


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