Introducing our ‘Meat Share’ Program & a new cooking over fire event!

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update. It’s been on my mind for sometime now, should I do more blog posts? Well I am going to pull the trigger to give myself a platform to share my meat related issues and share some insight to the meat world after having been involved in it for some 20 years now.

I promised myself that the posts won’t be too long and will be kept in a tidy, concise stream of consciousness, at least that is the hope. So, dear reader, my hope is that you’ll follow along as I make my way through some thoughts and ideas, at your expense. I’ve got plans for 2023 and I’m very excited to share them on this platform, so stay tuned and we will try our hardest to keep the coolers stocked, the festivals and events exciting and the DJ decks delivering tunes for you to dance to.

At The Story Farms we have been working hard on producing the very best beef and pork that we can in a regenerative organic way. This pasture raised produce is nutritionally superior to most meat you will find. We have a continuous supply and would love people to consider getting involved in sharing the produce and forward booking your bulk meat purchases.

This week we have 4 pasture raised pigs available. A pig share is one eighth of a whole animal, butchered down into individually wrapped cuts. You can order one or more shares (or you can arrange to split a share with a friend). Each eighth-share will cost £65 and the selection the butcher makes will give decent size cuts to approximately 5.5kg in weight and provide a good variety, including sausages.

We will put a photo of a typical share once we have one but rest assured this 5.5kg will fit into a normal freezer drawer. The accompanying image demonstrate the traditional pork cuts. We will keep you updated as and when our website has our much anticipated meat share page, but for now you can purchase a ‘Pig Share Box’ here.

We are also excited to release news about our cooking over fire event on May 13th and 14th which will celebrate meat and more with our newly established event Fire In Your Soul. Visit our dedicated website here for details and tickets.

As always, we are nothing without your support, and we will keep you in the loop as we navigate our way forward.

I hope to see some of you very soon.

Luke x


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