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This time of year is great, all the panic about no grass for the livestock and too much rain seems a distant memory.  The sun is shining, I am sitting at home in a a field amongst the long grass and I am full of love and hope.

I certainly have moments when it feels like we are fighting a hopeless battle with my journey with food and farming and it’s events like Fire in your Soul, which give strength for these moments.

Since then I have not met this many old and new friends all doing the very best they can to avoid the looming climate collapse.

There is too many people to thank for a very special day of not just sunshine but also sessions full of diversity and I have enjoyed many lively and passionate discussions about concrete steps to push things forward.

Fire in your Soul really did ignite some amazing outcomes, we are hoping to join forces with some key restaurants in Bristol who want to pioneer regenerative meat on their menus all because of the inspiration of regenerating our planet, if you haven’t seen it already then i encourage you to all watch the amazing film Kiss the Ground, it will change your life.  When we realise that we are all part of nature, that the well being of people and planet are interdependent and we nurture both in equal measure we can regenerate the globe more effectively.

I will share more in the next weeks about the concrete outcomes of some of the conversations and will leave you with the beautiful visual summary of some of our guests thoughts that struck a cord.


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