It seems a long time ago now since we changed all of our farming practices towards an organic future. The farm has changed, the life on it has improved dramatically, there is more wildlife, happier livestock and healthier soil.    With so much discussion around greenhouse gases and climate change I think ruminant farmers do have a responsibility to ensure that their practices do not cause further harm to the environment, I at least want to make sure my operation is truly beneficial and that is why we are producing Pasture For Life meat and joined the PFLA. (Pasture For LIfe Association), am organic with OF&G and now been given the chance to be a pilot farm for The Greener World Association working towards our mission to become more regenerative with our overall approach. 

It is certainly frustrating as a producer of the best beef in the world to have to continually listen to the mainstream media going on about eating less meat and turning vegan.  I know there are a lot of people that believe it is not humane to eat meat and avoiding meat is best for sustainability and the planet but we need herbivores and that is the exact reason i farm and produce organic pasture fed meat, building a case and solid reasons for people to choose mine over all factory-raised meat, that i certainly do not support. 

I believe my animals at Herons Green Farm are carbon neutral, as the wonderful cartoon above demonstrates, grazing animals are beneficial for the soil, the work they do in carbon sequestration is amazing, “chewing the cud”, as we say, stimulates new grass growth, the manure and urine they leave behind works microbes into the land, increasing the biodiversity of the life under the ground which helps in the process.  We therefore store more carbon in the soil than our cows emit during their lives.

At Herons Green Farm and The Communtiy Farm I have certainly seen a change in the soil diversity and its productivity since we have not routinely wormed our cattle or applied any artificial fertilisers since 2004.   Agriculture is probably the most vulnerable industry to climate change, we are dictated by the weather, floods, droughts as our animals, environments and landscapes are too.  However we are also in a unique position as we can correct it and sequester 50% or more of current greenhouse gas emissions in our soil.   It is however not without its additional costs to the farmer and this obviously needs to be recognised and we need the consumers support for these farming systems that mitigate climate change and build resilience to its impacts.

The Story Butchers was established in 2007 to try and desert the supermarkets that were paying us below the cost of production.   We are passionate about creating great tasting local, 100% Pasture For Life and organic food that respects the animals and the environment and we want to tell people about it!   We have a box scheme, home delivery service, we supply local restaurants and pubs and have three butchery shops one in Blagdon, Meatbox at the newly established Cargo development in Bristol and Worle HIgh Street.  We are fortunate enough to be able to use Langford University abattoir which is so close enabling traditional hanging process for 28 days, dry ageing the meat to give the best tasting product for you to enjoy.


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