How to cook a pork roast, in chronological order! By @piggieandporkie.

👉 To eat at 2pm, start your pork shoulder off at 9.30. Score the skin & rub it with sea salt.

👉 Roast for 30 mins skin side up on 220. Flip the pork & cover with 2 layers of foil, lower the oven to 170 & cook for 4-4.5 hours (a Jamie recipe).

👉 After getting on with your Sunday biz, at 12:30 peel & chop your veggies & add them to a tray. Coat in wholegrain mustard & honey & oil & cook until soft. 

👉 At the same time, peel & quarter your potatoes & boil them for 8 mins or until a fork can go through them. Heat oil in an oven tray for 10 mins & drain & air dry your potatoes. Rough them up a bit by shaking the colander. Add them to the super hot oil, coat them in it & sea salt. Put them in the oven.

👉 At 1pm roast some cauliflower cut into small heads for 20 mins.

👉 After 25 mins (1:30 ish) flip the roasties.

👉 Make your cauliflower cheese sauce. Heat a very decent chunk of butter with 3 tsp of flour. Stir for a couple mins. Heat a cup of milk & about a cup of grated cheese in another pan then take them both off the heat & combine. Add a large tsp of marmite. Add more milk if need be.

👉 Pour the marmite cheese sauce over the cauliflower & at 1:30 put this in the oven.

👉 When your cauliflower cheese is almost cooked, fry up some chorizo chunks then drizzle them all over the cauliflower cheese. Return to cook for 5 mins. For extra loveliness, grill to get it crunchy. 

👉 At the last minute I steamed brocoli & cavolo nero just to get those greens in.



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