A sweet-fleshed, succulent cut with a crest of creamy fat to keep the meat juicy when cooking, pork loin chops lend themselves to very quick or very slow cooking.

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Our pigs roam free range on farms across the Chew Valley, Somerset. Along with clover and standing oats the pigs consume large quantities of fruit and veg which helps maintain health and gives a distinctly sweet flavour to the meat.

Cooking tip:
Great with spice to add to a stir fry or noodle soup.

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Pork Chop 200g


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Serving suggestion: we recommend 1 chop per portion.

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Maximum 3 days
If freezing, please do so on the day you receive this product.

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