Regenuary is a movement to change the over-simplistic story which stems from Veganuary saying that ‘all animal agriculture always has a greater negative impact than any plant-based agriculture’, as this is far from true. Instead, we want the focus to be adjusted to the importance of Regenerative Farming, or Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture is a type of farming that has a positive effect on the land. It’s an incredible way to restore biodiversity, stabilise the climate & produce healthy food.

But what does it involve? Regenerative Agriculture is quite simple: it is any form of farming, i.e. the production of food, which at the same time improves the environment. It’s sometimes known as positive farming. This primarily means regenerating the soil. We love the video below, which explains what it is in more detail.

By shopping with us, you are supporting this method of farming, & thus the planet. So this month, go Regen, not Vegan!



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