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Wow another month passed by in a blink, yet again the wettest on record but finally I sit writing this basked in sunshine, thank goodness it has finally arrived. We have managed to get some crops in the ground and some grass seed scattered. The cows and pigs are now all out and about which is a huge relief and a wonderful site to see them in their natural environment roaming the fields and munching on that green green grass. When I first released The Story in 2006, I had no idea it would be so hard starting an organic meat box business. Back then I believed the world would covert to more organic production methods so we could all eat more nutritious food for the benefit of human health and well being. I guess I still wear those rose tinted glasses at times but I am loving the fact that it feels like the world or some of it at least is changing for the better, the word regenerative is becoming such a game changing word of the decade. We are heading towards building better soils, creating more nutritionally dense foods but the fact still remains that barn fed intensively reared meat is bad for the people and planet and it will not work if we continue to eat it.

People often ask whether it really makes that big of a difference – the answer is that it really does! There are scientific reasons for it that we understand, and there are ecosystem reasons because when animals are raised in the right environment, they actually build new soil, and that is a resource the planet is running out of as quickly as we are running out of freshwater.

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Quote of the month:

“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends.” – A Sanskrit text1500 BC


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