Lamb Rack of Ribs (or Breast as its commonly known) is a value cut that is often underused as it has quite a lot of fat and can be tough if cooked incorrectly. Treat as you would pork belly and you’re away to go!

The layer of fat brings oodles of flavour and helps to tenderise the meat as it cooks. It’s great for Slow roasting or marinading then BBQ’ing.



We source our free-range lamb from a selection of Somerset farms, depending on availability and quality. Jen & Andy Wier at Fernhill Farm is our main lamb farmer and maintains excellent husbandry standards which ensure strong, healthy livestock.

All of our lamb matches our sourcing criteria of being grass and forage fed, free-range and reared in high-welfare conditions.

Produced in Somerset


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Serving Suggestion: 700g breast will serve 4 people

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate. Remove from packaging & rest at room temperature before cooking.

Shelf Life

Maximum 4 days
If freezing, please do so on the day you receive this product.

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