From our very own herd, the beef in our steak box is dry aged for 35 days to create incredible flavours – perfect for any steak lover!

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This steak box comes from Luke’s Organic herd of slow maturing native breed North and South Devon cows. The cows graze traditional pastures for as long as possible from early spring to late autumn. 100% grass-fed and hung on the bone for 35 days this thick sirloin steak is low in saturated fats, as well as having high levels of CLAs, Omega 3 + 6, vitamins E & B. When you add that to the health and welfare benefits Luke provides for the animals, this is a sustainable way of producing meat, contributing to conservation and biodiversity.


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2 x Rump Steaks (300g each)
2 x Ribeye Steaks (250g each
2 x Sirloin Steaks (250g each)
1 x Feather Steaks (500g each)
Minute Everyday Steaks (300g each)

Storage Information

Keep in original packaging & refrigerate.

Shelf Life

Maximum 4 days
If freezing, please do so on the day you receive this product.

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